Monday, August 10, 2009

Two days to go!

Time is flying by here in Chicago! I have just two days left at Starlight and I can hardly believe how much I've learned and grown in just three months. Big cities do that to a small-town girl, that is for sure! ;)

In just the past week, I've helped take reservations for events, send out confirmation letters and then see one event in action. The event was actually my internship project and I met 20 Starlight kids and their families at the Kane County Cougars baseball stadium for a game against the Clinton Lumberjacks. It was a good day for a game, including nice weather but unfortunately the Cougars lost 9-1 ouch! The evening ended well with fireworks though. :)

My job was to meet the families and hand out their tickets and food vouchers. The neat thing about Starlight is that, within their budget, they provide free events for the Starlight kids and their families. We often can get donated tickets to events or at least reduced priced tickets, which is what I did. There are quite a few minor league baseball teams in the area-- it's pretty cool. You should check one out sometime if you are ever in the Chicago area.

So for my last few days, I just have to tie up loose ends and make sure I transition out smoothly. There are three other inters still there so I can leave feeling that there is someone to continue what I've been working on (taking reservations and helping to plan events) and confidently walk away, having learned alot!! If you ever get the chance to work or intern in a big city, especially at a non-profit, I suggest doing so! There is so much to learn, not only about the organization, but also about city life and yourself... How YOU fit in to places, how you cope when you are lonely and what it means to have no money for three months.

My blog won't end here though... my goal is to continue to update it as I move into a real job (hopefully soon!) Thank you for your support thus far... your attentiveness is appreciated!

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