Friday, August 28, 2009

Two and a half weeks out...

It's been a slow, yet busy last two weeks since I finished my internship at Starlight Children's Foundation in Chicago!! I had a surprising ending to my stay there. For one, I received a call early on Wed Aug 12 (my last day) from the principal at a school I was applying at. She wanted me to come in for an interview for the Literacy Aide position. The interesting thing was that the only time slot she had available was the following day, Thursday, at 1:15pm. YIKES! I agreed, called my mom and got arrangements made for my dad to pick me up by 7:30am the next day to head for MI! Going into my last day at Starlight, I announced that I was in a bit of a rush and would have to leave by 12:30 or 1:00pm so I could mentally prepare for my interview. The morning flew by and I made last minute notes and arrangements for the intern who would take my place in responsibilities. My boyfriend, James, was waiting for me down stairs at that point, coming off of an Amtrak train and I was glad to see him! We were able to walk the streets of Chicago for a few hours one last time, including taking pictures by Lake Michigan. (see the pics on my facebook)

We had a surprise 4th birthday party for the little girl I lived with and it was great fun!! After finishing some packing and mentally preparing myself for my interview the following day, James, Brenna, Naomi and I went to Navy Pier to watch the weekly fireworks display. It was quick and loud but worth my three month stay in Chicago. :)

The following day went fast... Got up early, put all my stuff upstairs by the door and ate a little bit to settle my churning stomach. My dad arrived shortly after 7 and we packed up, said our goodbyes, and drove four hours to MI!!! On the way, we got permission for me to get cleaned up at a friend's house before heading over to my interview. I confidently went in, interviewed for the job and left smiling with pride. By the end of the day, I was told I would know whether I had the job....

Back at my parent's house, I unpacked and breathed a sigh of relief that I was done. Sitting on the porch swing outdoors with James, I received the dreaded call. I did not receive the position :'( Fortunately, I had kept telling myself that even if I didn't get the postion, it was a great opportunity and I would learn from the experience. I sure did, though it was hard.

The next week or so was filled with job searching, resting, cleaning four years of stuff from my room, and trying to make it through one day at a time without a job. Currently, I have put in one more application at a school for two positions, so hopefully I can get an interview and just maybe, a job. :-D

Lots of waiting... yet still searching for jobs. Keep praying.. and I will keep you informed on the next phase of my life...

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  1. Katie!! I feel so dumb I didn't realize you had this blog!! I'm so glad you have this!

    I am praying for you!! Have you heard back yet from the schools you applied to??

    Miss you!