Monday, July 13, 2009

CRUISING to the end

I am nearing my last month at Starlight... which means only a month left to enjoy the Chicago sights without additional travel expenses. At least now I know some attraction locations and when I do return for a visit, I will have some street knowledge. If you decide you want to visit and are interested in the downtown "loop" area, let me know. I can either tell you things or lend you a map to help you get around. It's actually not as complicated as it presumes to be. You just have to know the system. :)

Last week is a blur... all I know is that we were preparing for our annual Cruise which took place yesterday (sunday july 12) at Navy Pier. We took the Odyssey boat on Lake Michigan and travelled with 382 kids and their families for about two hours on the water. It was GREAT fun, for both the families and Starlight staff and CNA (local insurance company) volunteers. We left at 3:30pm and arrived back to the dock at 5:30. I had forgotten my camera but snapped a few shots with my phone, which can be available to see on facebook. There was also a photographer who took some amazing shots so once we get those pictures back from her, I will snag what I can for my memory sake.

Part of our activity on the boat cruise included fun chicago themed worksheets, word searches and coloring pages. We also had a sheet of questions that the kids were to ask other starlight families, Starlight staff and CNA volunteers. We all had a blast learning about Chicago and each other. Odyssey has three levels and then a top 'observatory' deck, and while I was assigned to the top level, I roamed each floor, dancing to music with the kids, meeting guests and enjoying the sun and sights. Time went by fast and soon we were back on the shore, cleaning up.

Future events for me include a tour of Eli's Cheesecake (july 26), the event I will put on (TBA) and possibly another one at an IMAX theatre (Aug 9), sponsored by Starlight's board president. Soon, I will be back in Michigan.

As you think of it, pray for my health, as it seems to be suffering a little by stress. And also pray that I am able to find a job back in MI. There is a lot that goes into that process and I am only at the beginning of my search.

Thanks for reading... stay tuned!

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