Thursday, July 2, 2009

GREAT Escapes

Wow! What a week! And it's been just that. A week... full of fun and activity! I attended two Great Escapes Events with Starlight Kids. One was a bowling event last Friday and another was a Red Stars Women Soccer game tonight!! :)

Friday June 26, around 2, two other Starlight staff and I went to a bowling alley called Waveland bowl to get set up and welcome families. From there we helped register families, my first time meeting most of the families and it was great to finally see the people I've connected with by phone. I enjoyed seeing the joy on the kids and families' faces as they bowled. We were there during the cosmic bowling time too, so that meant black lights and fun music to jazz up the afternoon.

The weekend was spent with James in Algonquin at his Aunt and Uncle's house. Only his Aunt and one cousin were there and we had a blast going to a barnyard zoo, eating at TGI Fridays, walking, talking and enjoying the nice weather! The time sure went fast though!

The beginning of this week was ok, nothing too new at the office. Just finishing up projects here and there. Today, I worked in anticipation for 8.5 hrs and then headed off with the Event coordinator to Toyota Park for a Red Stars Soccer game. It was neat because neither the other Starlight staff or I had ever been and the game staff there were VERY helpful and welcoming. Even though we had decent seats, we got better ones.... With two Starlight children in wheelchairs, We were able to sit RIGHT BY the Red Stars bench and practically ON the field!! This was a really fun accomodation and we had front row seats to a WINNING GAME against Washington Freedom!!! The kids were extremely excited and were able to meet some of the players after-- and so did I! I felt like a kid again and was just as excited as the children and families. As we were leaving, the staff asked us to come again anytime. I hope it works out and maybe I will be able to be a part of this great event too! Being a support and help to these families, just by being with them, smiling and offering a hand, means the world to them-- and me. I am looking forward to more events with the Starlight kids and families. In a couple weeks I will get to take part in one of the BIGGEST events for Starlight-- the CRUISE.

In the meantime, I am back to the office to plan and prepare.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I continue to learn and grow from this internship!

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